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When it's meant to be it's meant to be - Patience is rewarded in Graduate Hospital !

Another Philadelphia Success Story - Philadelphia Real Estate

We picked up a buyer lead recently from one of our listings in Northern Liberties - a very nice young couple with a little baby who had worked with a realtor or two prior to us - had submitted on offer or two on a property - but did not get a deal accepted.  They were quite motivated to find a property so we gladly took them on as clients.

We took them out several evenings in a row - they were only available from 6:30 on so we had many evenings back to back looking at properties.   It turned out that Graduate Hospital was going to be their area of choice to its immediate vicinity to Center City .

Early on they decided to go for a property that was listed at $420K - it had been on the market for 2 years !!  We mentioned to the agent that we might submit an offer for $360 to 370K ahead of time.  The listing agent recommended to put it in writing - usually a good sign !  We ended up receiving a counter of $418K - you can see where this deal is heading... The appraisal probably would have only come in at around $380K so our clients passed.

Next was a smaller house listed for $300K.  We submitted a deal for $295K - this buyer also mind you is an A buyer - 20 percent down, fast closing, etc...   I knew the listing agent and figured this would be a breeze.  However, I received an email that dumbfounded me, another offer was accepted !  How dare she accept another deal ????  Uh oh - I was now worried that our clients would blame us for the deal not being accepted.  It turns out that the other deal was cash, close in a few weeks.  Go figure !!!!! 

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I have learned many things from my wife, one of them being "when its meant to be, it is meant to be" which is what I told our clients - they agreed and thus, we went back looking... and looking and looking.  Found another property that also had been on the market for a year or so listed at $399K.  Our buyers were interested at $360K.  Seller stood firm at $370K for about 2 weeks.  Im thinking too myself do these sellers know what type of market we are in with their overpriced listings ?  It is not like the property has been on the market for 2 weeks !  In any event, there was another property where our clients offered $365 and the owner came down to $380 but nothing happened.  We were in dismay and shock... what was going on here ?????


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Finally, we found a new construction property that was just incredible that our buyers are now under contract for.  The home inspection is already done and "fingers crossed" should be a breeze until settlement.  This house is the best of all of them by far and really fits the needs of the client as well as being the best value !

We take a lot of pride in being advocates for our clients.  In this case, patience was rewarded !!!!!!

Also see the great follow-up to this story with a settlement photo !

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