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Sell Real Estate instead of Shopping on Black Friday ?

Black Friday meant Selling Houses like Crazy in Philadelphia for The Somers Team

Philadelphia Real EstateThis post was inspired by Midori Miller's "Some Agents End their 2008 Business - are you one of them ?"  where she referred to agents basically taking the rest of the year off for the holidays or agents complaining they have nothing going on yet are going out shopping and decorating !!  I am like Midori where taking 1 or 2 days off each holiday is sufficient.

I was beginning to feel guilty about having such a productive day on Black Friday until reading Midori's post.  All in all, I did not have time to take the day off as I was jammed putting 4 (or was it 5 ? ) properties under contract.  Here are the highlights of my black friday:



1.  Listing appointment in Fishtown in the morning - will be a short sale listing if that is what the owner decides to do.  Did not have the owner sign the listing paperwork as it made more sense to let him figure out exactly what he wants to do.

2.  Juniata house now under contract - I had my sellers send back a signed contract that I needed to deliver back to the buyers agent - will be a fast settlement in mid December.  House number 1 for the day !

3.  Fishtown - The buyers agent faxed over the initialed changes for an agreement where we had the seller come in on Wednesday.  Had multiple offers for him !  House number 2 wrapped up for the day.

4. Port Richmond property - Someone on my team wrote a deal for a Port Richmond listing on Thanksgiving day !!  Rock on !  Called the seller in Florida who verbally accepted the offer.   House number 3 wrapped up for the day.

5. Northern Liberties condo - Since mortgage rates dropped this past week that allowed one of our buyers to step up his price range a little bit and wrote a deal this past week.  Deal was wrapped up with the seller yesterday... just so happens it is our listing as well (in these tougher markets I think dual agency benefits both clients which will be the subject of a future blog post).   Deal number 4 wrapped up for the day.

6. Somerton twin - A deal on this property is very close to being wrapped up, been going back and forth with a buyers agent for the last week or so on this short sale listing of ours.  My goal is to get it wrapped up on Monday so this one does not count yet but is getting closer : )

Needless to say, was jammed (and a little stressed) yesterday !  However, when I got home I had a beautiful dinner with Stephanie and had time to post a blog about a new listing in Old City.

It cerainly is not easy !! I think the important item to note is that with each of these deals, there was a lot of hard work that led up to this point and a lot of hard work from this point on to increase their chances to making it to a settlement table.  For example, this is the second buyer for the Juniata property.  For the Fishtown property, we had the listing prior but the seller needed to take it down for awhile so our relationship was strong enough for him not to consider going "a different direction" .  The Northern Liberties condo was under contract for a minute or two in the past until the buyer had cold feet, and the Somerton twin is now on the 3rd buyer (short sale properties are challenging !) .  We, of course, do not give up and keep moving foward until settlement success is reached !

As a result, Black Friday was a work day.  However, I think today we will relax a little and smile.  Our hard work (which is insane at times) does pay off.  Agents should have a marketing plan for 2009.  Each of the listings above was from a combination of internet marketing, our Thesomersteam site, Just listed / Just sold cards, working with past clients and one expired listing that we took over.  Life is beautiful.  Thanks Midori for the reminder !  I do not feel guilty anymore !


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