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Philadelphia Short Sale TERMINATOR Rises Again!

Philadelphia Short Sale TERMINATOR Rises Again!

If you have done any Philadelphia Short Sales or short sales anywhere across the country, you know what I mean by short sale "TERMINATOR". He is the creepy bank employee in the loss mitigation department that hinders your short sale's progress. He comes out of nowhere and TERMINATES your deal! He is so mind boggling and quite frankly annoying that it frightens me. His shenanigans border on that very fine line between being brilliant or insane. Either that or perhaps a very high functioning monkey that escaped from the Philadelphia Zoo. It is a tough call. 

Today, the eve of New Year's Eve, I discovered that one of the Philadelphia Short Sales I am working on has been slayed by the  "TERMINATOR"!


My short sale has been: Terminated -  Put Down - Erased - Deleted - Snuffed Out - Puff just like that... GONE!

It is not bad enough that the language used to describe what happened (TERMINATED) stirs up the same feeling you get when you bury your kid's pet hampster, but, what is worse is the reason why the TERMINATOR terminated my short sale. Get this: the TERMINATOR could not find a date on the seller's Hardship Letter !

Whhhaaattt? The date is right there. TERMINATOR, you need glasses!

I am not sure what type of eye care these folks get with their medical benefits but that should be looked into. Seriously. The TERMINATOR ended the entire short sale process because he could not see a date. He did this without communicating to me or my client. So, with my tail between my legs, and the unrelenting desire to press on for my client, I resubmitted the Philadelphia Short Sale package in hopes that the TERMINATOR will see the dates this time. That or get new glasses.

To make sure he can identify the documents and dates this time, I thought I'd help the TERMINATOR out. No hard feeling big guy.

I am nice like that : ) Do you think the writing is big enough?

Philadelphia Short Sale

If you are thinking of looking into a short sale for your home and have some questions about how to begin, please contact us. We may joke about the process but short sales are no joking matter. They are, for many, one of the best solutions that will help get homeowners out from under huge financial burdens. Thank you for reading. We are here to help.

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Philadelphia Short Sale TERMINATOR Rises Again!
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