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Your Pre-RainCamp Agenda in Philadelphia 2010

We are certainly no strangers to the Piazza, it's where our office is located. So we were beyond excited to hear that there will be a blogger meetup on November 29th right here at the Swift Half Pub, the night before RainCamp Philadelphia.

If you plan on attending RainCamp, we strongly urge you to come hang out with us at Swift Half and visit the Piazza the day before. While the location for RainCamp has not yet been announced, we are already trying to guess where it'll be. Could it be in Northern Liberties? We sure hope so, because it's the neighborhood that inspires us so much when it comes to our blog, and whenever we have visitors, we love giving tours of this unique, modern, and totally plugged in area. Northern Liberties is packed with bloggers, photographers, gourmands, and trendsetters, and it's a buzzing hub of information and advanced thinking. It makes perfect sense to begin your RainCamp experience here.

We are ready for the Rain.

So, with all of you RainCampers in mind, we put together a list of some places worth checking out before we meet at Swift Half Pub. Remember that there is free parking for visitors to the Piazza at 2nd and Germantown Ave.

  • First, you should come say hello to us at the Re/Max Office on the 5th floor of the Rialto.We have an amazing view of Northern Liberties and the city beyond and you should definitely bring your camera for some cool photo ops.
  • Do check out Amberella Gallery in the Piazza, which has extended its November exhibition, arrtist Katherine Allan's show Love is a Special Way of Feeling, through Tuesday, November 30th. Amberella Gallery, 1050 N Hancock St, Suite #62. [image via Amber Lynn Thompson]
  • Need a place to blog and keep your energy up with the neighborhood's best peppermint mochas? One Shot in Liberties Walk, across the street from the Piazza, is your go-to coffeeshop, serving beans from Stumptown.
  • Check in on Foursquare at PYT, the Piazza's burger bar, for a free beer. Better yet, find out what the Burger of the Week is, and order it. You only live once. [image via PYT]

If you somehow manage to do all of these things, we will give you some kind of badge for Unlocking the Piazza. See you on the 29th!

Update: RainCamp will be held at the Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing. For more information, visit Jeff Belonger's link below:

Come party with the Forefathers - RainCamp invades Philadelphia


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Your Pre-RainCamp Agenda in Philadelphia 2010
We are certainly no strangers to the Piazza it's where our office is located. So we were beyond excited to hear that there will be a blogger meetup on November 29th right here at the Swift Half Pub the night before RainCamp Philadelphia … more