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Tip Jar: How to Find "the One"


With all these Websites at your disposal, you would think it would be easier to find “The One” home online these days.

Day after day you search Craigslist and Zillow, hoping “The One” has hit the market.

It’s almost like dating!

Be patient, it will happen. While you continue to search, here are five signs you will know you found “The One”:

5 Signs A Home Might Be "The One"

1. You instantly feel possessive about the property.

When you walk into ‘The One’ no matter how long you’ve been house hunting, you’ll get an involuntary surge of energy to do whatever it takes to make that home yours.

2. You start to see its flaws as adorable quirks.

Smart buyers should be aware of a syndrome some call “Pottery Barn Psychosis,” whereby the aesthetics of a wonderfully staged home with amazing curb appeal can hypnotize a buyer. This syndrome renders buyers blind to the negative property features, which would be glaring or grave concerns if the place weren’t so stinking cute. It’s fine to make a conscious decision that the pros of a place outweigh its cons, and even to consciously re-rank your priorities in light of a particular property’s advantages.

3. You immediately envision your own family, furniture, decor, daily activities or remodeling choices in/to the home.

If you find yourself, during a property viewing, measuring the dining room with your footsteps to be sure your Grandma’s table will fit, discussing whether the wall between kitchen and dining room can be removed or your mind’s eye Photoshopping a given property to insert your bedroom set, your dining table and favorite wall hangings into place it’s entirely possible that the home you’re viewing could be “The One” for you.

4. You lose interest in seeing other homes.

When you find “The One,” your interest in seeing other homes dissipates, instantly - no matter how many homes you’ve seen or how long you’ve been house hunting.

5. The money, time and energy spent feels worth it.

Home buying is an expensive, time consuming proposition. And your years of budgeting of earned you a nice nest egg, but it didn’t come easy, there might be many a Saturday night at home and a brown bagged lunch reflected in your down payment savings. If you view a home that make all of those sacrifices suddenly feel like the best, most worthwhile decision ever? You, my friend, might have found “The One.”

Finding “The One” takes time. It can be a painful and frustrating experience.

Buying a house isn’t just about putting a roof over your head. It’s likely the largest investment you will ever make (besides maybe marriage!).

Don’t give up. Don’t settle.

If you want to look for “The One” right now, we just updated the site with some new listings. And speaking of new, you may have noticed our latest logo above, which w

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