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Battle the Beach Crowds with a Trip to Gettysburg

Gettysburg Festival

Need a staycay? Why not consider a family day trip to Gettysburg? The annual Gettysburg Festival, a 10-day arts fest that runs from June 18-27, offers a unique experience that can satisfy your family staycation criteria:

  1. It's not too far. Gettysburg is about a two and a half hour drive from Philadelphia
  2. The festival will feature 800 artists and performers, with Philly's Kevin Eubanks (from the Tonight Show) giving a special performance on Saturday, June 26.
  3. Local wineries will be highlighted
  4. Jazz music fans will love the tunes
  5. Former White House Chef to the Clinton’s, Walter Scheib, will be creating 10 unique culinary events including a North/South” family-style dinner for 400 people
  6. There's plenty of history to school the kids with, along with children's programs and art exhibits

A full list of events can be found on the Gettysburg Festival site.

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10 days! Perfect for a little vacation. I'm in the middle of writing a post, featuring contributors to the Things to Do/Places to Visit group. You contribute so much good stuff, I can't decide where to place my focus!

Posted by Lisa Hill, Daytona Beach Real Estate (Florida Property Experts) about 8 years ago