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Tip Jar: Pheromones Sell Homes

Pheromones Sell Homes! Try this:

15-20 minutes before your Open House or before a showing, place a tray of prepared but uncooked cinnamon buns in the oven and bake. Let the aroma fill your entire dwelling. When they are fully baked remove from the oven, let them cool, and place them in clear view with napkins and a note that says "Welcome Home. Please Enjoy."

Your home smells amazing and there will be a special treat for the lucky visitor.

Cinnamon Buns do more than stimulate the olfactory nerve, the treat is strongly connected to memory and it has been linked to reducing depression, increasing libido (wink, wink), and creating an overall feeling of happiness! Scented candles, oils and sprays are not as effective. You can find ready-to-bake Cinnamon Buns at your local grocer.

Try it ! I am telling you...Pheromones Sell Homes!

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I have used cookies in the past but never cinnamon buns, that a great idea!

Posted by Keith Vermilyea (Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc.) over 6 years ago

pheremones do not simply refer to smells, they are distinctly hormones that people or animals emit that other people or animals are effected by.  food items and incense would not qualify.  if your seller hung their underwear throughout the house, you would have a phermonal situation!

Posted by Jimmy Katz, "REAL Solutions for Real Estate!" (Katz Realty Group) over 6 years ago

I know that when food is left during a showing, customers will remember the house and associate it with the food, "Remember the place where we had the coffee and short breads?" I think the food helps people to stick around longer and take in more of the home's features.

Posted by Sharalyn Kluke, Sharalyn Kluke, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty (Keller Williams Seneca) over 6 years ago

Chris and Steph... good tip. I think I have seen you name another post or so as Tip Jar? If so, you should do a series and call it the Tip Jar series... and even make a list on your posts under stip jar.. at the end of each of these posts. Keeping a running list... just food for thought.

jeff belonger

Posted by Jeff Belonger, The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans ( Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc) over 6 years ago

chris & stephanie-i'd buy a house that smelled like cinnamon buns! yuuuuuuummy! great tip!

Posted by Margie Kopp Sorrell, Lake Oconee Real Estate (Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty and Lake Country) over 6 years ago

I've heard similar things about the scent a vanilla. Thanks for the additional tip. I'll give it a try. Unfortunately, I love them and will probably have to sample

Posted by Jane Jensen (Century 21 New Millennium) over 6 years ago

That's a smart idea, Chris and Stephanie. Some homes may just need that pan of cinnamon buns to do the trick!

Posted by Aaron Seekford, Ranked Top 1% Nationwide 703-836-6116 (Arlington Realty, Inc.) over 6 years ago

The trouble is, I can usually eat eight before anyone gets there.

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) over 6 years ago

Very Cool Tip! Will try it for sure!

Posted by Bob Sooy (Realty World Northeast LLC) over 6 years ago

I was also lead to believe that vanilla was an attractive scent to men. Cinnamon buns sound delicious.

Posted by Ellie McIntire, Luxury service in Howard County & Catonsville (Ellicott City Clarksville Howard County Maryland Real Estate) over 6 years ago

The subconscious mind is an amazing thing. People weigh very heavily on sensory precept ion, but often overlook the power of smell.  Studies have shown that smell triggers emotions in the brain in a very powerful way. A well all know the home buying process is very emotional and this is great tip to buyers in the mood.

Posted by Max Boehmer over 6 years ago
Smells definitely matter in a home. Might as well create a good one.
Posted by Doug Maas, Broker/Owner - REMAX Of Great Falls - MT Real Esta (RE/MAX of Great Falls) over 6 years ago

This tip does actually work. I especially love the cinnamon buns with the orange icing. 

Posted by JoAnn Moore, Home Loans in Delaware (The Mortgage Market of Delaware) over 6 years ago

After 16 years, I have sold homes because of the smell and have also not been able to sell awesome homes because of the smell.  I have encouraged people to bake cookies and leave them for the buyers for a double whammie!

Posted by Heather Littrell, ABR,GRI,SRES Cabarrus County NC (Keller Williams) over 6 years ago

My first home was small, dank and had a smoker in it for 20 years before we bought it.  We knew what we were getting into as the smoker was on the porch smoking it up when we toured the house.

After a couple of years of clean up and whatnot, it was time to sell and move into a bigger house as our family was growing.  I was at the house for most of the showings and would bake cookies while they were there.  It showed that the kitchen appliances worked great and put that smell in the air.  Thank goodness it was the peak of the market and the house sold in a week or so or I might have put on 10 pounds selling the house.

Posted by Chris Mayr (D3 Interactive Marketing) over 6 years ago

Interesting tip.  I've seen agents bake cookies in homes to get the buyers to stay longer but I've never heard of cinnamon.

Posted by Bryan Robertson, Broker, Author, Speaker (Intero Real Estate) over 6 years ago

I forsee a surge in the sale of cinnamon buns coming across the nation as realtors start advising their clients :-).  

Posted by Kriselie Monserrate (RtownLiving) over 6 years ago

Christopher and Stephanie,

Now you'll have me hoping I get no guests so that I can eat all the cinnamon buns myself!

Posted by Irene Kennedy Realtor® in Northwestern NJ (Weichert) over 6 years ago

Christopher and Stephanie,

Many agents have suggested cookies, and apple pie and claim that it works wonders. The cinnamon buns are a good idea too.

And, they may make a nice treat for the guests.


Posted by Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker (RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto)) over 6 years ago

truly so!...taking time to offer the buyers a warm cinnamon bun treat with fresh coffee, ect would establish a modality for talking more about the home. 

Posted by Vicki Sullivan (Ramsey Boyd Realty) over 6 years ago

In response to James' comment # 2- EWWWWW.... I like the cinnamon buns much better LOL I agree and you reminded me about something else. While under contract for a home I had a seller set out snacks for our inspection on a home and the buyers were so impressed.

Posted by Kristi DeFazio, Colorado Springs Rea lEstate 719-459-5468 (RE/MAX Advantage) over 6 years ago

I would much rather smell (and eat) cinnamon buns than the smelly wall plug ins.

Posted by Barb Szabo, CRS, E-pro Realtor, Cleveland Ohio Homes (RE/MAX Trinity Brecksville Ohio) over 6 years ago

Great tip! As it's the smell that's important, no one will care if there aren't any left...

Posted by Chris and Berna Sloan, Tooele UT (Group 1 Real Estate) over 6 years ago

You mean a pot roast with lots of onions and garlic just isn't the same?  ;-)

Posted by Brenda Whitman, Live in Laramie Real Estate, Broker/Co-Owner, Laramie, Wyoming (Live in Laramie Real Estate, Laramie, Wyoming) over 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice!  You know a tip is a good one when your own mouth start watering as you read about it! 

Posted by Andy Barclay, ABR, CDPE, SFR, ePro (RE/MAX Elite) over 6 years ago

That would do it for me!  LOL

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 6 years ago

Good one - I used cookies too - didn't sell a house, but very popular on a cool day...

Posted by Terkel Sørensen, Realtor, 951.805.0773 , Bank owned and Short Sales (Real Estate Places) over 6 years ago

And if it doesn't sell the house, people will remember you because fed them :-). 

Posted by Kieno Simeon Your South Riding Real Estate Consultant (Keller Williams Realty) over 6 years ago

AHA! I knew it! You cheeky Realtors are trying to control my behaviour! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!

Just kidding. I love it though. Just the sight of those cinammon sticks on your blogg post made my eyes wide, my tongue crave for cider and my mind want for the fireplace.

Today I am teaching a class abotu SEO marketing for a couple dozen Realtors in their office. I am showing up an hour early to brew coffee from my own pot (even though I am bringing a large tub of Starbucks it still smells great!), heat up brownies in a pan on a worm skillet and, of course, get the projector, screen and speakers ready.

Chris McBreartyChris McBrearty

Posted by Chris "The Loan Ranger" McBrearty, NMLS 274079, FHA, VA, USDA, Loan Officer and Educator (People's Mortgage Company) over 6 years ago

I don't care for cinammon but, for some reason, I love cinammon buns. Not sure that I could trust myself in an open house with a tray full of cinammon buns. But, it is a good idea.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) over 6 years ago

Cinnamon buns and a tall cool glass of milk. Too bad I'm on a diet. Maybe I can have them in August :)

Posted by Christianne O'Malley, Exceptional Service - Delivering Results in Reno! (RE/MAX Realty Affiliates) over 6 years ago

If the overall population starts gaining weight, we'll know who to blame...but they sure are tasty. Thanks for the tips.

Posted by Les & Sarah Oswald, Broker, Realtor and Investor (Eastvale Team Realty & Property Mgmt) over 6 years ago

Baked apple sections sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg also do the trick. Smells like baking apple pie.

Posted by John Elwell (CENTURY 21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.) over 6 years ago

Who could resist freshly baked cinnamon buns?  I've never tried that to sell a home, but what a great idea!  Thanks,

Posted by Pamela Seley, Residential Real Estate Agent serving SW RivCo CA (West Coast Realty Division) over 6 years ago

I also heard they make you want to grab a pen and sign a contract!!

Posted by Cory Barbee, Broker (760) 563-4022 over 6 years ago

So the post today, it's right on!

Thanks for taking the time to post this to us.


Patricia/Seacoast NH & ME

Posted by Patricia Aulson, Realtor - Portsmouth NH Homes-Hampton NH Homes (BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOME SERVICES Verani Realty NH Real Estate ) over 6 years ago

Vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate are all smells that many people have positive associations with.  Any should work as long as they are the real thing.

Posted by Bill Rozek, NMLS #214260 (Embrace Home Loans, Inc.) over 6 years ago

yummy...and this is tried and true for a reason. I like to have clients simmer mulling spices on the stove too.

Posted by Karen Fiddler, Broker/Owner, Orange County & Lake Arrowhead, CA (949)510-2395 (Karen Parsons-Fiddler, Broker 949-510-2395) over 6 years ago

I don't know about using pheromones, but I have baked cookies right before open houses. Most people loved the smell upon entering.  I do remember one visitor saying, "I wonder what they're trying to cover up"!  That's the only negative I ever had.  That particular open house we also had hot cinnamon cider simmering so the smell was VERY welcoming.

Posted by Barbara Altieri, REALTOR-Fairfield County CT Homes/Condos For Sale (RealtyQuest, Fairfield and New Haven County CT Real Estate) over 6 years ago

Who could say no to a house with Cinnamon Buns? Sounds like a good idea to me!

Posted by Tricia DeSouza, Selling Scottsdale Luxury (HomeSmart) over 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this tip.  We will try it out and report back.

Posted by Mindy & Jay Robbins, Expect Excellence from Robbins Real Estate (Robbins Real Estate) over 6 years ago

Our olfactory sense is very strong and invokes lots of memories.  Just about any home baked product induces a great feeling!  I can tell you that certain smells have enabled me to sell a home just as they have caused me to NOT sell a home too!  I remember selling a home that had orange evergreen candles burning.  Not only did they buy the home, they went out and bought the same candles made by Aromatique!  I did the same thing!

Posted by Vickie McCartney, Broker, Real Estate Agent Owensboro KY (Maverick Realty) over 6 years ago

That's so funny you posted this, I was at a client's house this morning and they had baked cinnamon buns - the house smelled amazing!!!

Posted by Diane McDermott, Charlotte NC Real Estate Market (Realtor®, GRI, Landis e2 Real Estate, LLC) over 6 years ago

Hi Chris,  Another " Tip " :  If you are going to do the cinnamon bun thing remember to put the cat out ! 

Posted by Bill Gillhespy, Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos (16 Sunview Blvd) over 6 years ago

I bet that is true for just about anything. I have gone into restaurants and stores that did not smell good and turned around and left ASAP with out buying anything. Great advice Thank you

Posted by Jim Poole, Zero Down, USDA Purchase Loans, FHA 203(K) Rehab & VA Streamline Loans over 6 years ago

You can also put cinnamon sticks in the oven at low heat and acheive the same lovely smell.  But no calories!

Posted by Kathryn Maguire, Serving Chesapeake, Norfolk, VA Beach ( (757) 560-0881) over 6 years ago

I was told a while ago to do that with baked apple pie...but I definitely think cinnabuns have the edge !!! Yumm !

Posted by Sheldon Neal, That British Agent Bergen County NJ (Bergen County, NJ - RE/MAX Real Estate Limited) over 6 years ago

This really works. I always love walking into a great smelling home and so do my buyers.

Posted by Dennis & Terri Neal, Your Home Sold in 45 Days or We Se (RE/MAX, Big Bear) over 6 years ago

I've popped an apple pie in the oven before open houses. Just buy a frozen pie and leave it bake during your open house. Then I leave it at the house for the seller to enjoy.

Posted by Erica Ramus, MRE, Schuylkill County PA Real Estate (Erica Ramus - Ramus Realty Group - Pottsville, PA ) over 6 years ago

#46  "You can also put cinnamon sticks in the oven at low heat and acheive the same lovely smell. But no calories!"

I vote for this, because there are no sticky fingers all over the seller's home. Geez what will you people think of next. Stop suggesting that the seller feed the home shoppers - oh, unless you offer to do the baking, clean the baking pans/tools, and then after the showing, vacuum and clean up the fingerprints.

There are ways to get nice aromas in a space without giving visitors an opportunity to make a mess. Fresh flowers is one suggestion. I'm sure you smart folks can come up with more.

Posted by Consumer over 6 years ago

Awesome smell, awesome taste.... what's not to like?  Fabulous idea.

Posted by Peggy Hughes/pha logistix, inc., SF NYC LA (pha logistix inc) over 6 years ago

you can also play some baroque music, like pacibel canon in D.  It make people more receptive to the thought of a new home.

Posted by Anonymous over 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing the tip...never thought about the C'buns

Posted by Ritu Desai, Virginia Realtor-Fairfax/Loudoun/PW-703-625-4949 (Samson Properties) over 6 years ago

I have always been one that uses cinnamon candles instead of the delicious cinnamon roll......less fattening, reusable if the open house is a dud.  I like your idea much better.

Posted by Kay Van Kampen, Realtor®, Springfield Mo Real Estate (RE/MAX Broker, RE/MAX Solutions) over 6 years ago

Cinnabuns sounds like a winner to me. I've had sellers make cookies too. Another agent in our office said she used to cook a ham in the seller's oven during an open house and then take it home to feed her family! :)

Posted by Jim Courtney, CRS, GRI, AHWD (OklaHomes Realty, Claremore Oklahoma) over 6 years ago

I think all of those smells evoke all kinds of responses!  Cinnamon is one of my favorites.  It would drive me nuts to be in the house with the buns though.  I can resist most things but cinnamon rolls are too much!

Posted by Marge Draper, REALTOR, Keller Williams Realty, Menlo Park CA (Keller Williams Realty Palo Alto) over 6 years ago

I know many have discussed whether or not to bake something, but I think this is brilliant, and I love the note with the cinnamon buns.

Posted by Christine Donovan, Broker/Attorney 714-319-9751 DRE01267479 - Costa M (Donovan Blatt Realty) over 6 years ago

Sounds like a great idea and I will definitely try it.  Thanks for the tip!

Posted by Ellen Kippel, Realtor Suffern Rockland County NY 914-588-2365 (Weichert Realtors) over 6 years ago

I did this when selling my own homes in the past. Except I used brownies or cookies. It really does work. While air freshners can be cloying, frest bakes goodies just evoke that feeling of home.


Posted by Mel Ahrens, MBA, Kelly Right Real Estate, Customized Choices for your Real Estate Needs (Kelly Right Real Estate) over 6 years ago

What a great idea!  I love cinnamon rolls.  I'm going to suggest this for my clients and pray they do it when I'm showing the house, lol.

Posted by Elizabeth Cooper-Golden, Huntsville AL MLS (Huntsville Alabama Real Estate, (@ Homes Realty Group)) over 6 years ago

I like the ring to "Pheromones Sell Homes!"

Posted by Sharon Parisi, Dallas Homes (United Real Estate Dallas ) over 6 years ago

Great advice - the odds of a potential buyer having childhood trauma involving a flaming cinnamon roll is probably pretty low!

Posted by Torgie Madison, Websites and Contact Management (Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions, LLC) over 6 years ago

I tell my sellers "The houses that smell the best, sell the best."

Posted by Mel Benny over 6 years ago
Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Bindya Nagrani over 6 years ago

I know I would remember that house!  Great tip.  Thanks

Posted by Monica Atherton, Your Temecula Real Estate Gal (The Associates Realty Group) over 6 years ago



Sounds Smells like a plan !!!      Great Idea ...!!!      Thank You

Posted by San Antonio Texas New Homes for Sale ( over 6 years ago

I like this tip and I use it - either with cookies or candles.  Only one time was it shot down - a man came thru an open house I was doing (the home smelled fantastic) and the first thing out of his mouth was "Is there mold, a dead rat in the wall?  What is it since I know you are trying to cover up something nasty smelling".

I had never thought of it that way and to this day wonder if other people think the same way........

Posted by Cyndi Mino, SFR, e-PRO (First Team Real Estate) over 6 years ago

This is so lame. Open houses don't work.

Posted by roger over 6 years ago

HEY, I'm thinkin' a few cinnamon buns in the oven might be nice here at home this weekend (wink, wink)

Posted by Virginia Gardner, Realtor, Charlottesville, Serving Central Virginia (Roy Wheeler Realty Co.) over 6 years ago

simple steps, great outcomes, thanks. and now I am craving a cinnamon roll :)

Posted by Robby Leviton, Knowles Team (Keller Williams Realty) over 6 years ago

For a less caloric idea, I have put drops of vanilla flavoring on a metal bakingpan and place it in the oven at around 200 degrees. Easy at an open house and less filling.

Posted by Drew Peterson over 6 years ago

When I worked in the apartment business we used the same tactic to rent our vacant units.  I worked for a large REIT, and it was ordered from corporate to bake them in our models and put them out as opposed to using the Otis Spunkmeyer coookies that we previously used.  It was incredible how many people came back to our community without us having to make the follow up call.  I didn't know until now that it was linked to pheromones, but we all knew that it was something that worked well based on all of the positive feedback from so many potential renters. 

Posted by Charlie Snyder (Allstate Insurance) over 6 years ago

My step-mother always told me to bake brownies right before an open house. Seems like they would be less sticky!

Posted by Cynthia Larsen, Independent Broker Serving Sonoma County, CA (Safe Haven Realty) over 6 years ago

I was going to try cookies, but cinnamon buns sound better!

Posted by Jon Mahan, ABR Charleston, West Virginia Real Estate (Real Estate Central) over 6 years ago

Stephanie and Chris,

I love it and am trying it next time!!!  I've done Snickerdoodles before and they have that same cinnamon smell that is so wonderful.  Didn't sell the place though.....hmmmmm.  Cinnamon rolls next time!

Posted by DeeDee Riley, Realtor - El Dorado Hills & the Surrounding Areas (Lyon Real Estate - El Dorado Hills CA) over 6 years ago

Neat tip!  I love cinnamon buns and will have to give this tip a test run very soon.  Thanks...

Posted by Teresa R. Murray Realtor® Franklin North Carolina Homes for Sale (Re/Max Elite Realty) over 6 years ago

Stephanie and Chris:

Great idea.  I too sometimes baked cookies, but cinnamon sounds better and easier.  Thanks

Posted by Evelyn Kennedy, Alameda, Real Estate, Alameda, CA (Alain Pinel Realtors) over 6 years ago

My mouth is watering already ! Can't wait till Sunday to hold my open house I will be serving cinammon buns.... Thanks for the tip.

Posted by Vera Wallace, Long Realty Agent Tucson/Marana Arizona GRI,e-Pro (Long Realty) over 6 years ago

Scented candles and cookies "eat one" are great ways to get people to slow down and really look at the home.  Cinnamon is great and peanut butter cookies work well.

Posted by Ric Mills, Integrity, Honesty, and Vast Real Estate Knowledge (Keller Williams Southern Az) over 6 years ago

I thought pheromones were to get people horney? 

"I fell in love with this house the moment I laid eyes on it" :) ha ha

From now on, all of my loan application paperwork will be rubbed down with Cinnbons prior to initial disclosure :)

Posted by Nick Krehnke 425-202-5655, "Your Trusted Friend in the Home Loan Biz" :) (All Square Mortgage INC.) over 6 years ago

Aromatherapy works regardless where it comes from. Great ideas from commentators.

Posted by Kimo Jarrett, Pro Lifestyle Solutions (WikiWiki Realty) over 6 years ago

Great tip Christopher and Stephanie!  Thanks

Posted by Paul Armstrong, Serving Orange County & The Long Beach Area (Realty Network) over 6 years ago
If I am short on time - I always have a small oven proof dish with me, fill it with water, place the cinnamon sticks or powder in the dish, place it in the oven on low heat and show, show, show.
Posted by Anne Edwards Johnson, Austin Realtor | HookemhomesATX (512)917-5260 (RE/MAX Austin Skyline ) over 6 years ago

I think you are on to something there, but it is hard to believe that someone will actually buy a home because of the smell.  I do think, however, that it will make them remember and think fondly of that home.  And that can't hurt.

Posted by Jirius Isaac, Real Estate & loans in Kenmore, WA (Isaac Real Estate &TriStar Mortgage) over 6 years ago

Everyone likes a nice treat from time to time.  Freshly cooked cinnamon buns would be a great way to make a good first impression.  A well maintained home would be another.  In addition to setting out the buns, encourage your seller Clients to have their home inspected with a Pre-Listing Inspection by a licensed Home Inspector.  Better to get things in order before the buns go out.  Even cinammon buns cannot overcome a leaking roof.

Thank you,

Richard Acree

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC (Nashville, TN)

Posted by Richard Acree, Home Inspections - Nashville TN (HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC) over 6 years ago

Now here's an idea I can really sink my teeth into. LOL!!

Posted by Tammie White, or (615) 495-0752 (Franklin Homes Realty LLC) over 6 years ago

You are stimulating my olfactory nerve as I just think about it, gotta get to the store right now.

Posted by Deborah Grimaldi, (401) 837-9633 (Re/Max 1st Choice) over 6 years ago

I want to run home and bake cinnamon buns!  Not for anyone but ME! I'm so suggestive to thought!  My mouth is watering!

Posted by Kathy Opatka, Serving Ocean City, MD, & The Delaware Beaches (RE/MAX CROSSROADS) over 6 years ago

Great suggestion!  Thanks. 

Posted by Norm Begody over 6 years ago

Yummy idea!  Thanks for sharing it.

Posted by Judi Monday, CRS-Green Valley AZ Expert, Green Valley Arizona R (RE/MAX Valley Properties) over 6 years ago

The owner of one of the most wonderful vegetable and fruit gardens I have ever seen had a great idea.   When the house was open, there were always samples of produce to take home, maybe a jar of jelly, and on at least one occasion a buyer went home with a bottle of wine made on the property.   There were sometimes cookies on the counter also, but the produce and the fresh-cut roses from the yard got the most comments.

We joked that maybe I stopped by to see them instead of going to the grocery store.  

Posted by Mary Sheridan, Creative Marketing, Buyer Agency 423-943-7655 (Keller Willliams - 1033 Hamilton Place,Johnson City TN 37604) over 6 years ago

Hi Christopher

I like your Idea, but you just killed my diet......Brad

Posted by Brad Hornshaw, Realtor, Listing Agent, Buyers Agent, Investments (Brad Hornshaw Realtor Lynnwood, Bothell, Everett) over 6 years ago

Scented candles could make people run away because of allergies (people like me, for instance) but cinnamon smells like the comforts of home.

Good tip! And... I agree with Jeff.

Posted by Marte Cliff, your real estate writer (Marte Cliff Copywriting) over 6 years ago

We have suggested cookies, but cinnamon buns sound wonderful!  Only thing - hope that the buyers don't hand one to a child!  "sticky!"

Posted by Brenda, Ron, Lee Cunningham & Tara Keator, Realtors, Homes for Sale - Phoenix Metro (West USA Realty) over 6 years ago

I stick w/ No 46, the CONSUMER aka non broker. It's a gimmick, you have cookie crumbles and sugar stick all over and we need to say good bye to the thought that there always needs to be food everywhere.Sorry, Honey Bun, not for me. Neutral and clean is just fine.

Posted by Annette Sievert over 6 years ago

I've used homemade gingersnaps and home made peanut butter cookies. MMM...those cinnamon rolls will be next :)

Posted by RhondaHeaslip NanaimoRealEstate (RE/MAX of Nanaimo) over 6 years ago

I want to go get one now, thanks for the post

Posted by Phil Parisi, Specializing in Florida's Treasure Coast (Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Laviano & Associates) over 6 years ago
Great tip. It is always nice to have nice smells in a home during a showing. Watch out for crumbs.
Posted by Karen Steed over 6 years ago

I usually use chocolate chip cookies myself, but cinnamon buns may make an appearance at my next "open house."

Posted by Steven Pahl, Real Estate Consultant Tampa, FL 813-319-6423 (Keller Williams Tampa Properties) over 6 years ago

What a delicious idea!  I'm picking some up at the store this week!

Posted by Rhonda Abbott, Wadsworth & Greater Akron, OH (Howard Hanna) over 6 years ago

I love this idea!! I usually bake chocolate chip cookies, but the cinnabuns seem easier and have a different scent and I love the card idea! Thanks!

Posted by Sylvie Stuart, Home Buying, Home Selling and Investment - Flagsta (Realty One Group Mountain Desert 928-600-2765) over 6 years ago

The Cinnabon Stores do the same thing as you walk through the mall - they smell great.

Posted by Gene Riemenschneider, Turning Houses into Homes (Home Point Real Estate) over 6 years ago

Emotions sell homes. We always had cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, so for me, that smell would evoke a very strong emotion. Thanks for the tip.

Posted by Liane Thomas - Corona & Riverside Real Estate, Bringing you Home! (BROKER Allison James Estates & Homes BRE 01885684) over 6 years ago

Even on a lower level, we realize that most people, if not all people, buy on emotion.  Therefore, we suggest that people trying to sell or rent their home use two-tone paint, instead of just one generic color.  People respond so much better when you do things that trigger their emotions.

I can smell the coffee from here. :)

Posted by Chris Wechner (CW Health Inc) over 6 years ago

What a lovely idea. I'll try it tomorrow!

Posted by Bob Sweazy (Prudential A. S. de Movellan Real Estate) over 6 years ago
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Posted by qrxougtsat about 6 years ago

It looks good and i hope it will as much delicious as it is looking.I will deifinitely try this.

Posted by Dacey about 6 years ago